Bellringers Needed!

May 31, 2017 | Bits & Bobs

‘Love it or hate it there is something evocative about the sound of church bells’

Whether the bells are the quintessential sound generated by a traditional English village church that accompany the sound from the Green of willow on leather; or whether it’s a reminder that, despite everything that’s thrown at it, there is still vibrant life in the beautiful church on the hill and that it is there for everybody to use on special occasions or on a week by week basis ….. or just as a place of retreat from this busy and stressful world.

As with so many things in life, we take the sound of the bells for granted, but sometimes we need to put back in some effort to earn the reward.  The number of ringers in Wisborough Green will soon be down to 3 with one ringer coming from the Dorking area, when possible. New and younger blood is needed to keep the bells going (65 is not considered old in this context!)


We have 6 lovely bells and the ability to teach newcomers – The Practice Night will be changed to Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm and will be treated as our own Adult Education Course. If you do not feel able to commit yourself to every Sunday, or even staying to the service, don’t worry – your contribution will still be greatly appreciated.

COME AND HAVE A GO! To find out more, contact: Val Mourilyan (700089) or Jamie Daniell (752846)