Church Building Works Update

Dec 29, 2017 | Village News

Since we last reported, the works in the church have gone through a period during which a lot of work has been undertaken by the builders, but with little to see as a result.   Just before Christmas, all this changed and all of a sudden the 2 toilets in the former vestry became available for use and the frames for the two new vestries were erected and beginning to show the scale and form that they will take.

The down side has been the need to disconnect part of the heating system resulting in the need to wrap up well before coming into the church.  This temporary discomfort will fast be forgotten once the works have been completed, which we still hope will be around Easter time. The church has remained open for use all through the works.

Jamie Daniell

The new Vicar’s Vestry at the back of the north aisle waiting to be clad with oak on the panels and with glass screens and door in the openings. (awaiting removal of the redundant safe – any takers?)

The new toilet and storage area by the main north entrance with steps up to the organ loft (awaiting the return of the refurbished organ).