Commemorative Alter Frontal for St Peter’s

May 31, 2018 | Bits & Bobs

Following on from the request a couple of months ago in Ad Vincula, a team of enthusiastic embroiderers has now been assembled to work on creating a new altar frontal for November, when there will be celebrations to mark 100 years since the first World War Armistice Day.

A simple design has been decided upon – a central gold cross surrounded by a wreath of poppies, with a scroll either side listing the names of the service men from the village who gave their lives between 1914-1918.  Along the base will be the words “We will remember them”.  The embroidery will be mounted on a green background, representing the Flanders Fields, as they are today – rich farmland that has evolved from the mud-filled trenches and shell holes of a hundred years ago.

Further reports as work progresses.

Wendy Duff