Development Sites Update

Mar 22, 2019 | Parish Council

Information that I managed to delete from the last newsletter without noticing.  Sorry – Parish Clerk.

Great Meadow, Petworth Road: Since the development started, additional vans have appeared in the village causing visibility concerns for pedestrians as well as drivers, and also inconvenience for those who have been blocked in by parked vans. The Parish Council has taken this up with both CDC and the developer, but sadly, despite our best efforts, it has had little effect. We have received assurances from Jones Homes that additional parking is now being provided on site, and as it is the intention to be finished onsite in May, contractor parking will start to tail off. The Parish Council is very mindful that development of the Winterfold site will start within the next couple of months and has requested CDC make it a condition that contractor parking is provided onsite for the duration of the build.

Winterfold Fields, Durbans Road: Runnymede Homes asked the Parish Council for name suggestions for the site. Yet again the History Society came up trumps with a historical connection. On the 1842 Tithe Map it states that the fields were known as Sexton’s Meadow, First Sexton and Middle Sexton, owned by Mr Tobbitt with Mr Songhurst as tenant. The Parish Council therefore made the suggestion that the site is named Songhurst Meadow, which Runnymede has now put forward to CDC and the Post Office.