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Nov 1, 2018 | Farmers Marketplus, Village Events

Next Market: Thursday 13th December 2018

Wisborough Green Village Hall  9.00am – 12.30pm

November Market Needs

Macmillan had an excellent market result, with nearly £400 net profit.  They are delighted that it is all ploughed back into our local Macmillan nursing help.   There cannot be many people whose lives have not been touched by cancer or its effects on people they know.

Emergency situation

We as a Market enable Macmillan to do this month after month:  we as a Market help the care of people in difficulties.  This means you and the volunteers who do the organisation and running of each Market.

But, we are in dire straights and URGENTLY need help to keep going.

Are you able to offer occasional help?

Please contact one of the following if you are able to help:

Aija Hamilton 700588
Sally Marsh 700900
Annette Hesselgrave 700214
Caroline Spackman 700595

Or email:

Maybe you missed the article last month so here are the main points again:

Why our Market needs help

“Our committee has shrunk due to several house moves, new jobs, retirement and changes in circumstances.  Nobody had got fed up!  There is much laughter and jollity and mutual help.

It would be lovely and stimulating to meet new people with different approaches.

We are hopeful.”

What our Market needs

“One member of our team has found a new job that suits her apart from having to separate from the committee and the job she really enjoyed – dealing with social media and photos.  Alas, none of us can take up the slack so we are in a pickle.

The market needs someone who will keep us in those areas.  Younger people are the future and they use it brilliantly.  Would you like to extend your CV doing this for the Market?

Being on our very friendly Committee can be optional.  Reporting can be done by email.

Our team also needs someone to specialise in finding new stall holders, enable them to do the formalities to be able to trade and to liaise with existing ones.

Advertising to promote the Market could be more professional, so a new eye and mind would be brilliant.”

If you were able to offer occasional help or more it would:

  • help Macmillan;
  • help the Market to carry on as a community interaction place;
  • help to fund the Village Hall;
  • give people an opportunity to shop for rather special products.

Can’t be bad!

WGFM Committee

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