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Nov 29, 2017 | Horticultural Society

Monday 4 December 8pm Talk – “Sussex Apples Permaculture”

Sue Flight gave us an enjoyable evening demonstrating “Candle Light Christmas” for our November talk.  She, with her team, are in charge of the flowers at Gravetye Manor and during her demonstration  gave us amusing insights into her work.  The next talk is about apples and permaculture so do come along and enlighten yourselves!

No doubt we have all started to do that end of season “sort out” of the garden and let’s hope the weather remains reasonably benign.  Don’t forget the rubbish tip hours for the winter are 9 am – 4 pm and they are CLOSED ON Thursday and Friday (Grrrhh).

Below is a disturbing extract from the RHS about Climate Change:

“Rainfall in the UK will become increasingly variable with much of Britain expected to be frost-free in some years.  There will be noticeable differences in the frequency and intensity of heavy rainfall and prolonged drought between the north and the south of the UK.  Significantly wet winter days will increase in number, and this will be most pronounced in northern areas – by the 2050s winters could be up to 40% wetter than the 1960-1990 averages.  The length of dry spells will increase, especially in summer in southern areas.  Summers could be 40% drier than 1961-1990.  Lower rainfall coupled with higher summer temperatures will lead to significantly drier soils.  By the 2050s, eastern, southern and central England could experience vastly greater irrigation needs.”

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!  Meanwhile………Happy Christmas and a Good Gardening Year for 2018.