Keep Kirdford and Wisborough ‘Green’ Update

Sep 3, 2018 | Local Concerns

Boxal Bridge: No news yet concerning the application by the WSCC Highways Dept to get Boxal Bridge (Grade II) de-listed after it was listed Grade II in January 2018.

Broadford Bridge Exploratory Site: Kimmeridge Oil&Gas Ltd, KOGL, the former Celtique Energie, has applied to WSCC Planning Dept for an 18 month extension to their current planning permission for their Exploratory Oil site at Woodbarn Farm, south of Billingshurst on the B2133, Planning Nos:  WSCC/032/18 (extension of time) and WSCC/033/18 (retention of fence).

Objections can be sent to: up to the planning committee decision meeting on 11 September which will be heard in County Hall, Chichester starting at 10.30 am.  Include the planning reference Nos as well as your name + address.

The drill was removed in March and the company admitted that they hadn’t found any substance of value so why shouldn’t they just go ahead and carry out the planned restoration?  “The site is restored if no oil or gas is discovered, [and] would take 6 weeks,” CE Exhibition board, June 22-23, 2012 as displayed in the Billingshurst Centre.

Government Consultation on Permitted Development:
See here:    
Consultation closes at 11:45 pm on 25 October 2018

In the Conservative Manifesto prior to the last election, reference was made to their intention to introduce the concept of Permitted Development for exploratory drilling for shale gas; i.e. that part of UK planning law that allows people to carry out improvements on their home or property without having to apply to the local council for planning permission.  In other words it would put Onshore Exploration on the same basis as you putting up a garden shed!  If you recall in that election, the Conservatives did not receive the mandate they thought they would get and had to seek support from the DUP.  Given only 18% of people support fracking compared to 85% who support renewables plus the acceleration of many factors indicating climate change this proposal should fail now.  This was supported by the House of Commons Select Committee which considered the role of Local Authorities and the MPs concluded that local communities should continue to have a role in decision making.  A legal challenge is planned by Dame Vivienne Westwood.

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