Keep Kirdford and Wisborough ‘Green’

Sep 4, 2017 | Local Concerns

Broadford Bridge Exploratory Drilling Site, Adversane ……….

Firstly, thank you to all who contributed to the consultation concerning the application to West Sussex County Council by the company UKOG/KOGL seeking extra time at the Broadford Bridge drilling site.  WSCC were quite specific in their conditions attached to the planning permission – the then company Celtique Energie had 3 years from when work started…..and work started on Sept 15th, 2014 so should finish in the middle of September.

Incidentally, WSCC usually do accept representations after the formal deadline which was August 10th.   By law anyone has the right to submit letters right up until the decision day which, is earmarked for 12 September so, if you haven’t contributed there is still time…You need to quote the Ref No: WSCC/029/17/WC and you can put it in on line or on one of the postcards in pubs and shops round the villages.

The drilling did not go quite to plan at the end of July and the company encountered a “wash out” necessitating the drilling of a side track which, according to industry information provided by Schlumberger, defines a washout as:

An enlarged region of a wellbore. A washout in an openhole section is larger than the original hole size or size of the drill bit. Washout enlargement can be caused by excessive bit jet velocity, soft or unconsolidated formations, in-situ rock stresses, mechanical damage by BHA components, chemical attack and swelling or weakening of shale as it contacts fresh water. Generally speaking, washouts become more severe with time. Appropriate mud types, mud additives and increased mud densitycan minimize washouts.

Local people saw calcium carbonate being delivered to the site – a clue that there was a washout zone in the well. This material is used as a Lost Circulation Material (LCM). So, the process is not free of risk after all.  Local groups are funding air and water monitoring by independent consultants so that we can check what is happening.

Jill Sutcliffe, Chair KKWG
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