Keep Kirdford and Wisborough ‘Green’

Nov 29, 2017 | Local Concerns

Boxal Bridge………………

Many thanks to all who sent messages and filled in and sent forms in order to let WSCC know what we think of their plan to REPLACE BOXAL BRIDGE.  Unfortunately, all were ignored and, as of 9 November, this plan has now become WSCC policy as no Councillor called in the plan which was adopted using the WSCC quick decision process..  However, WSCC was “inundated” with objections to this plan and we would like to thank all those who contacted WSCC.

The plan has been adopted in face of the evidence, evidence that shows:

  • Costs: the costs of REPAIR being 1/10th of the costs to REPLACE Boxal Bridge (£35k, Cintec Ltd, which undertakes such bridge repair worldwide compared with £400k cited in the WSCC report by Parsons Brinkerhoff, 2014) and the replacement costs are not only dated but exclude the compensation payments for landowners.
  • Policies:: the plan does not conform with many aspects of national and local policies concerning planning, transport, environment, wildlife or heritage
  • Safety:that New Bridge on the A272 is much more dangerous having experienced two fatal accidents while the requirements for improving signage on the C109, Kirdford Road, have been made known since 2013 but have not been implemented.
  • Structure: that 3 independent Highways engineers agree that while the bridge does need TLC it does not require replacement.

Many thanks.  Best wishes, Jill

Jill Sutcliffe, Chair KKWG, 01403 700395 or