Ken’s ‘Dos, Don’ts, Moans & Groans’ Page

Feb 28, 2018 | Bits & Bobs

Well a good start to the return of the moans and groans page last month – we moaned about the village notice board and almost immediately a brand new board turned up! Thank you parish council it looks much better. (I think it was a bit quick to have been anything to do with Moans & Groans but hey !!)

My first Groan of the year has also proved to be correct NO football on the green in the last 8 weeks. Grass looks great but you cannot walk on it – it’s too wet. This will have knock on effects to completing the football fixtures this season, the end of season repairs and preparation for the Cricket season.

I have Received 2 moans this month from parish members. The first is a recurring problem with rubbish being thrown out of a car along the Loxwood / Durbans Road late at night. Please keep an eye out for the cars travelling up and down the road and let’s stop whoever it is.

My second Moan is more serious and it comes from a young Mum who collects her children from the primary school and then would like to walk along the footpaths from the school to either the Village hall car park or the Three Crowns car park with her children in a buggy and safe on the footpath. The problem is HEDGES – they overhang the footpaths and you cannot walk on them without stepping into the road or muddy verge. Please have a look and see if your hedge is overhanging and, if it is, please cut it back remembering it will grow again in the spring.

Hopefully you will all have started walking around the village enjoying the views from the church, taking in a pint in the pub or even watching a sport on the green. Remember to look out for those footpath and highway issues, take a photo and log a report on West Sussex Highways web site it only takes 5 mins. And, believe it or not, they are repairing these but only if reported.


My final DO for this month please e-mail me at with anything that you feel happy or unhappy with. People do read this and take note so please help me to help the village.