Ken’s Dos, Don’ts, Moans & Groans’

Jul 31, 2018 | Bits & Bobs

Well as you have all seen and commented on I have one month off and the Parish Council takes the opportunity to try and justify their lack of care and repair of the green. Trying to blame it on the weather of all things.  They say that it is the Sports Association’s responsibility to carry out repairs and improvement but their representative on the association specifically stopped the football club from rolling the green through the previous Autumn, Winter and Spring months which would have allowed the rain to run off the green and into the ditch along Kirdford Road. Instead, it sat in the foot holes and top surface of the green meaning that football matches had to be cancelled throughout December, January, February and March culminating in about 16 games in the April which not only wrecked the grass but also left no time between Football Season and Cricket Season for the much needed repairs.

Whilst I accept that it is a fantastic Parish asset for all to use it is mainly used for sports associated things with the odd fete and fair thrown in. There are more than 200 cricketers (seniors and colts), 30 stoolballers, 50-plus footballers and 50-plus touch rugby players using the green, not to mention the 50-plus spectators and Association members that all enjoy the green all week and every minute at the weekends.  I would urge the Parish Council to come and try fielding a cricket ball, stoolball, football and rugby ball on the very uneven playing surface this year.

My second moan this month is the state of the footpaths that we have been left with by the West Sussex Highways;  It is already showing signs of cracking and has various plants growing through it already. The surface although clean is very uneven and will soon collect dirt and grime. Please lodge complaint with Highways before the contractor is paid and gone on to another village.

My Third Moan is again this month the dog poo in Durbans Road and on the footpaths at the cross roads. If you have a dog keep an eye on it and pick up its poos.

Do for this month join in and support all the August events that will happen in and on the Green especially over the bank holiday weekend, There is a Race and comedy night on the Friday, Wisborough Green’s got Talent on Saturday and the August Bank holiday Show on the Monday. Helpers for all events are always wanted please come and join in the set up and clear up – it’s all part of the event.

Please e-mail me at with anything that you feel happy or unhappy with. People do read this and take note so please help me to help the village.

Ken V