Messy Church

Jul 12, 2018 | Village Events

The next session of Messy Church will be a summer holiday special In the Vicarage Garden on Wednesday 22 August at 2pm ending with tea at 5pm.

St Peter’s Messy Church met on 7 June in the Village Hall after school.  The theme was Jesus leaving his disciples forty days after the Resurrection (the Ascension) and telling them to, ‘go tell all people everywhere’ (fits on fingers of left hand) ‘I am with you always’ (on fingers of right hand).  We are not expected to do this alone and Jesus sends the Holy Spirit which came as flames of fire and a rushing wind to the disciples at Pentecost and still helps us today.

Mountains were created, a windmill, a ‘world’ lantern as we thought about Jesus being the light and hope in our world, bracelets, prayer paper chains and more!  Gill led us on the piano with worship, while the tables were laid.  Fish fingers and chips, followed by jelly and ice cream were enjoyed by everyone before going home!