Neighbourhood Watch – Crime News & Advice: Farm Security

Jul 31, 2018 | Neighbourhood Watch

Here are some ideas to help protect your property:

  • Consider installing security lights to illuminate your yard(s) to deter thieves. Motion sensor lights switch on when movement is detected or sodium tubes switch on automatically once it becomes dark.
  • Keep shrubs, bushes, hedges and other plants cut back as they can provide a hiding place for thieves.
  • Plant a prickly hedge as a physical and psychological barrier; a trace of blood or shred of clothing could also help the police identify an offender if something is stolen. However, please consider that prickly plants could be harmful to children and animals.
  • Check that all boundary fences, walls and gates are in good repair. A solid barrier is an excellent deterrent to the opportunist thief.
  • Ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your property and do the same for them.

Garages, sheds and other outbuildings

Ensure that outside buildings are in good condition. You can improve security further by:

  • Fixing steel mesh or bars on the inside of windows.
  • Fitting concealed hinges to prevent criminals from undoing screws or bolts.
  • Checking that fittings are bolted through the door and reinforced at the back with a steel plate or washer; hasps should have concealed screws.
  • Fitting good quality locks to all doors. Padlocks should be at least 6cm / 2.5ins wide, of hardened steel, have at least 5 pins and be a closed shackle type (to reduce risk of being forced). Try to ensure that you fit British Standard approved locks.

Remember to report all crime to police. How to contact police is detailed below.