Parish Council Responds to June’s ‘Dos, Don’ts, Moans & Groans

Jun 28, 2018 | Parish Council

In last month’s Dos, Don’ts, Moans & Groans, the action of the Parish Council and the grass cutting contractor was called into question. The Parish Council would like to clarify that it maintains the village green as a recreation area for all. It is not a sports field but an open space for all to use and as such, repairs and additional work to meet sporting requirements is the responsibility of the Sports Association.

There will be times when weather and ground conditions make the works to the Green more challenging.  This was the wettest start to the year for many years and most village greens were in a similar position with excess grass cuttings on the surface. The repairs undertaken to the Green were not dangerous but the grass growth was less advanced than had been hoped due to the delayed growing season. Unfortunately, other scheduled repairs had to be cancelled due to saturated ground.

The Green is an important and well used village asset that may, at times, not be at its best coming out of a tough winter, but as we can now see, it is looking as good as always, the grass cutting is under control and the Green will continue to give hours of pleasure this summer.  The Parish Council remains confident in the services provided by the grass cutting contractor.

In answer to the trees being removed behind Stonewall Cottage, planning permission was obtained from Chichester District Council by the property owner.