Please pick up

Apr 30, 2018 | Bits & Bobs

The Parish Council is delighted that the dog bag dispenser is being used, but we do seem to be getting through bags at an alarming rate! Can we please request that you continue to provide your own bags and that these bags are just used for the village area, otherwise the dispenser could be empty when there is a need on the Green! Thank you.

On the dog poo front, to encourage picking up, CDC has recently promoted the use of litterbins for disposal. However, the litterbins in front of the Pavilion are for Pavilion use and not emptied by the District Council; the inclusion of dog poo bags is rather unpleasant for the Pavilion staff who empty. Please do NOT use these bins for dog waste, but use the black litterbins or the dog waste bins around the Green which are all emptied weekly by the District Council at a cost to the Parish. Thank you.