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Feb 28, 2018 | Primary School News

I was delighted to receive our Ofsted report, after our recent inspection, as there are so many things to celebrate. The inspectors recognised the work we do, to ensure every child is recognised as an individual. I am incredibly proud of the whole staff team and grateful for their commitment to making a difference. ‘Wisborough Green Primary School is an inclusive school where everyone matters and is valued.’ Ofsted January 2018

Our children are considerate of each other and resilient to any challenges they face. Our focus on ‘perseverance’ as a key value, was evident throughout the school. Especially when children grapple with increasingly complex maths problems, to really challenge their thinking.

Our love of books oozed from every corner of the school and the quality text we use to inspire a love of language, shone through. All children now make strong progress and some make outstanding progress in reading.

Behaviour and personal development is another strength of our school. The children work in a calm and purposeful environment, respecting each other well. They work in groups, listening and sharing ideas, both inside and outside the classroom.

Forest School is another positive development, where pupils have opportunities to explore their love for the living world, in a fantastic outdoor setting. We are currently expanding our pond area, with the help of Sussex Wildlife Trust. Some very special visitors have made their home in our secret garden – we will share more news with you next month!

Preparing our learners for life in modern Britain, is something that was identified as another strength. This is incredibly important, our children need to be strong communicators, creative in their thinking and determined to succeed, to achieve success in our diverse world.

What is next for the children at Wisborough? We continue to challenge every learner even further, so they reach the highest standards possible. Our vibrant curriculum continues to engage and excite the children, we constantly strive to find new ways to prepare everyone for their next step in life. Our children leave WGPS prepared for a great future ahead of them, both socially and academically.

We really are leading the way in many of our initiatives, WGPS is the place to be if you want to grow up prepared to change the world.

Warm regards,
Amanda Harrison, Head Teacher

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