Scouts go Caving

Jan 4, 2019 | Bits & Bobs

In October the scouts went on their annual caving trip to Wells in Somerset. Because it was half term, we were able to get there earlier and so we were able to do a night trip around the town. We visited the Cathedral, the Bishop’s Palace and moat and the oldest continually inhabited road in Europe, appropriately called Vicar’s Way. Quite amusing really, watching eight scouts meandering down a road at night with head torches. It was a bit like watching the worst – and smallest – burglary gang in the world scoping out a job.

Back at the scout hut to sleep and the children bedded down with scouts from Rudgwick and Alfold, making a lot of new friends, and then off to the caves the following day.

After the usual fun of who’s wearing what, now a total of around 30 scouts, leaders and cavers headed into the countryside looking for deep, dark holes to jump down.

The children were split into groups to make the caving more manageable. Our little group of three girls, me and three professional cavers decided that we would do the more adventurous Swildon’s Hole caving complex, with underground running water, sumps, sheer cliff faces and wire ladder climbs.

Needless to say the girls had a ball and were as brave as lionesses while I, their scout leader, got stuck, was quickly exhausted and winded myself falling into a rock pool off an edge. Visualise Mr Blobby with a torch stuck to his head and the same amount of coordination.

Needless to say we’ll be back there next year – and doing that cave again. No issue for the children, but this adult won’t be beaten.

Now the planning ramps up for Mr Blobby goes sailing and camping…