Short Mat Bowls

Jul 31, 2017 | Sport News

August Report

We travelled to Forest for a friendly match on Saturday 17th June with Wisborough winning on one mat and losing on the other. Mat 1 (Jean Head, Linda, Hilary and Lorraine) losing 8 – 15 and on Mat 2 (Audrey, Evelyn, Gavin and Marilyn) winning 21 – 9 giving an excellent match result of 29 – 24.

We then entertained Walberton in a friendly match on Wednesday evening 5th July, with Wisborough running out winners in the match by 23 shots. On Mat 1 (Jane, Hilary, Gavin and Bernard) winning 23-16 and Mat 2 (Jean Head, Evelyn, Tony and Shirley) winning 24-8 giving a great match result of 47-24.

We entertained Alfold in a friendly match on Tuesday 11th July, with Wisborough running out winners by 6 shots. Honours were shared with each team winning one mat, with Mat 1 (Tony, David, Bernard and Monica) winning 28-12 and Mat 2 (Evelyn, Hilary, Shirley and Reg) losing by 12-22 giving a Match Result of 40-34.

Three more results in the second round of the club singles, Monica beating Pauline 8 shots to 7 in a very well contested game, Jane won well against Reg 13 shots to 4 and Marilyn beat Keith 10 shots to 6.

Fixtures for August: 7th – Club Triples 10am, 17th – Ashington 6:30pm (away), 23rd – Walberton 6:30pm (away)

Monica Enticknap, Captain