Temporary Traffic chaos predicted for long term benefit

Jan 31, 2020 | Parish Council

WSCC has now confirmed that the work to make footway improvements and create additional parking in Durbans Road, as detailed in the December Ad Vincula (see below), is scheduled to take place from 17th February to 13th March 2020. During the majority of this time, Durbans Road will be closed  to allow the work to be completed as safely and as quickly as possible. It is likely that most of the layby will also be out of action and the road  will also accommodate the contractors equipment and materials.

Although there will be a longer signed alternative route to direct general through-traffic around and away from Durbans Road during the works, School Road will remain open to minimise any inconvenience or disruption to residents who will use it as a local route. It is the intention that the school buses will be allowed through the site; the School Transport planner is fully aware.

There will inevitably be some traffic disruption during this short time, the most during school drop-off and collection times when School Road and the Newpound Lane junction is often congested. If you are travelling at this time, please be patient taking note of these suggestions to make life a little easier for everyone. However, do be mindful that there will be ‘unsuspecting’ drivers, perhaps residents from other villages, who will be unaware of our voluntary arrangement and will try to go against the flow!

  • To reduce congestion, please leave a little more time to allow you to park away from the school.
  • Do remember that the Cricketers and Three Crowns car parks can be used for morning and afternoon school runs.
  • Please park along the Green in Kirdford Road rather than trying to get closer to the school and to avoid getting caught up in the congestion.
  • With more traffic being directed through Newpound Lane, it will be busier so if you drop off at the entrance and then return to the village, please park in Kirdford Road and walk to the school via the School Road entrance.
  • As there will be more general traffic using Newpound Lane, we would encourage school pedestrians to use the School Road entrance and not the front entrance.
  • For non-school residents, please avoid school drop-off time if you can (8.30am to 9.15am and 3.00-3.45pm).
  • If you are heading in the Petworth direction, perhaps go via Kirdford!

Thank you for your patience and understanding. This work will create additional parking spaces and improve pedestrian connectivity and safety in the village centre.

Wisborough Green Parish Council