The Parishes Wildlife Group

Mar 27, 2018 | Village News

Since setting up the Parishes Wildlife group on irecord the community has added 451 records of different species – as follows

Not only is Sussex such a beautiful and varied county but it has many “Recorders” – people who work in a voluntary capacity keeping an eye on and making a note of what is seen.  Then, various of the groups put all their informatio together in a book.  Following on from the Birds of Sussex published in 2014 edited by Adiran Thomas of the RSPB with others the Sussex Botanical Recording Society has published The Flora of Sussex in February this year. Packed to the brim with information, maps and excellent photographs and a profile of each of the plants found in the.county  This was not a task to be undertaken lightly…..speaking of which this is not a field guide which you pop in your pocket, rather, it is a book to pick up with care and enjoy when you can’t get out in the field.  Get the fire roaring, make a large pot of tea and toast the crumpets and curl up with this gem.


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