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Jul 31, 2018 | Village News

The survey undertaken of Damsel- and Dragonflies along the River Kird, with kind permission from the landowners, has been completed for 5km of the river.  A report by Dr Alison Barker is available.  if you would like a copy please contact: or Mike

The River Kird is important because it links to the River Arun which is considered internationally important for its aquatic insect life.  The Arun Valley consists of three component Sites of Special Scientific Interest, SSSIs. Keeping an eye on our local stream thus helps ensure that the very important River Arun sites do not degrade on account of contamination from pollution.  The group would like to employ Alison again in order to carry out more work along the river.

Additional talks/walks:

Watch out in the village and local paper for information concerning bats and/or moths walks…..provided the weather keeps fine!  Our bat walk last year was rained off!

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