The Wisborough Green Village Trust

Oct 1, 2018 | Village Hall News

On the surface it might not seem the most earth-shattering of news but the fact that the Wisborough Green Village Trust is being formed is, indeed, BIG news for the village.

What is it?

In previous Parish Council newsletters it has been mentioned that plans were afoot to form a Community Land Trust and volunteers were called for. A team is now in place and the formation of the CLT is underway under its chosen name. When formed, the WGVT will apply for charitable status although this is not a foregone conclusion.

A CLT is a not-for-profit organisation set up to benefit a specific community.  It can own land, housing and other assets, which are important to a community, with an emphasis on genuinely affordable housing.  CLT’s hold and manage those assets so that they are available and affordable for future generations.  A CLT is supported by members of the local community who share its vision.

The WGVT steering group have agreed a mission statement:  “To create the framework to acquire or develop and maintain affordable and sustainable local housing together with any other asset or service that benefits the village and community of Wisborough Green.”   

Why is the Trust of benefit to WG?
There are many benefits to the village, both large and small, but the main one is that the Trust, in consultation with the village, gets to set its own Housing Allocation Policy with specific regard to affordable homes within the village. 

What should you do?
If you, or any family member, want an affordable home in WG, register on the CDC Housing Register. The application process and eligibility criteria can be found on the CDC website ( Even if you think you would be Band D (refer to the CDC website for explanation), please register.

  • Quite soon a village Housing Needs Survey will be undertaken by Chichester District Council. Please make sure you answer the survey fully, it really will make a difference.
  • The Trust will be holding a public consultation on the Housing Allocation Policy of which details will be circulated in due course. Please make time to attend and offer your opinions. It is important that the whole village is behind this and your support matters.

Where will the money come from for the Trust to buy property?
Initially the Trust will be funded from a mix of grants and loans.

What of the future?
There are many ways the Trust can develop. It will, inevitably, start small but in time could develop to be a village driving force to ensure that: if you grew up in WG or work in the village, you can live in WG if you want to do so, or for instance, if you have a late 20-something living in your spare room who needs a home of their own, there will be an opportunity. This is some way off but we need to make a start.

To do this we need your support, both now and in the future.  Please REGISTER; your need is our lead to affordable housing in WG.