There But Not There

A reflective installation this autumn in St Peter Ad Vincula, Wisborough Green

At 11am on 11th November 1918 the guns of World War One fell silent at the signing of the Armistice; the warring nations were left to mourn the scale of their loss. The centenary of the Armistice is a defining moment in our history: to reflect on how men from every community made the ultimate sacrifice.

The installation of 51 transparent seated military figures in Penshurst Church for Remembrance Day in 2016, the centenary of the Battle of the Somme, lit a touch paper in the souls of all who saw it.  The poppies at the Tower of London demonstrated the sheer scale of the sacrifice, so ‘There But Not There’, as the Penshurst installation was named, would bring home how every community, large and small, were deeply affected.

Wisborough Green was proud to have been asked to be a ‘Pathfinder Parish’ in the ‘There But Not There’ aim to place a representative figure into their place of worship, their school, their workplace or wherever their absence was keenly felt, for as many as possible of the names on local war memorials, around the country.

There were 21 men who did not return to Wisborough Green and Loxwood (one ward at that time) and their names are listed on the village War Memorial. These men will be back within our community from mid-September until November, sitting in St Peter ad Vincula church as they may well have as part of the congregation. Residents and visitors will be encouraged to sit with our fallen, remember and reflect on their courage and the ultimate sacrifice of those who did not return. Please do join us for this moving and reflective time.

After the installation and decoration of the church, a special church service and reception will be held to which all current and ex members of HM Armed Forces living in Wisborough Green and Loxwood are invited. Please do contact the Parish Clerk, Louise Davies, on 01403 701102 or to register your interest.

Further details of the Church opening times and other events and publications associated with this installation will be published shortly.

Plans are being made and further information will be published on this page shortly; at this stage we felt it appropriate to give family members of our fallen the first opportunity to sponsor their relative’s silhouette and name block for £50. Please do spread the word if you know of family who have now left the village.

The Parish Council and the History Society will publish a booklet giving as much detail as can be found on those who died, so if you were able to provide any background information, about their lives in Wisborough Green or Loxwood, it would be most welcome. Sponsorship by local businesses of the Perspex figures would also be appreciated.

Further enquiries should be directed to Louise Davies, Parish Clerk, on 01403 701102 or