Vandalism costs you!

Jan 31, 2020 | Parish Council

Sadly the children’s’ playground was vandalised over the Christmas period. The see-saw sustained damage which needed repair and both gate signs, giving information about the playground, were removed. This follows an incident in November when a glass bottle was shattered into small pieces over the roundabout.

These thoughtless and selfish acts could have caused injury to young children and the £150 repair cost will come out of the Parish Council’s budget. The cost of this vandalism is therefore born by the residents of Wisborough Green and there will now be less money to spend on other necessary village needs and projects.

We are very relieved that the damage caused was seen before any children could be injured and hope that these acts were not carried out by Wisborough Green residents. If you are reading this and were involved, or know who did, perhaps you  might like to make good your conscience by doing a kindness to someone else instead of jeopardising the well-being and play of small children.

Wisborough Green Parish Council