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Apr 1, 2020 | Village Hall News

The Hall Project

Despite the setback relating to our application to the Big Lottery reported last month, we have not completely abandoned this particular avenue and, at time of writing, have a meeting scheduled with a Funding Officer from the Big Lottery on 27th March at which we will explore how we might need to adjust our project to be more in line with the Big Lottery’s priorities. The Steering Group has also begun to explore alternative funding sources.

More positively, our stage 1 application to the Village Halls Improvement Fund was accepted and we were invited to make a detailed Stage 2 application which we have now done. We remain hopeful that a successful outcome will be achieved.

As planned, a newsletter setting out all currently available information about our implementation plans has been sent to all regular users of the hall. We understand that there remain a number of unanswered questions particularly regarding how long the works might take. We expect to have the necessary answers once tenders have been received.

A specification of works has now been issued by our project manager (Philips Chartered Surveyors) inviting tenders from four local firms, each of which has the right experience and credentials to carry out the works to the right standard. We expect to receive tenders in early to mid-April. Work on Phase 1 is now likely to start in May.

More news next month.

Keith Carter, Chairman, Village Hall Management Committee