Wanted – Escorts for the WG Minibus

Nov 30, 2017 | Minibus

As many of your will know, our operation of the village minibus is entirely due to the commitment and enthusiasm of our volunteer drivers and escorts.   We collect our passengers, usually twice a week, from their homes and take them out – mostly for shopping, but on occasion for social outings.

I should very much appreciate hearing from anyone who feels they could devote two or three mornings a month as an escort.   The escort is there to help see the passengers on and off the bus, to ensure  that all seat belts are fastened, to lend an arm if necessary, to help with shopping bags and, if requested, to see passengers to their front door.  The escort also collects the fares. Please contact me on 700492 if you feel you could help in this way.   Thank you.

Pat Farmer, Divisional Organiser e-mail:  farmerpatricia@btinternet.com