Weather Watch

Nov 1, 2018 | Bits & Bobs

Wisborough Green Rainfall for the month of September was 39mm – last year 120 mm and my 10 yr average 59mm.  The fourth month in a row that rainfall has been less than average – so it has been drier!

Highest temperature for September in the UK was 26.5°C at Cambridge Botanical Gardens and the coldest temp was minus 3.6°C recorded at Katesbridge (N.I).

No serious frost yet but it did take Reg Snelgar’s dahlias at the allotments that were destined to decorate the church for Harvest festival!

Weathervane has purchased a fancy temperature recording device so from next month will be publishing WG’s max. and min. for the month.

Sunshine levels were 108% of average for September.