Weather Watch

Jun 28, 2018 | Bits & Bobs

Wisborough Green rainfall for May was 113mm (last year 82mm – 10 yr average 5mm).   The extra rainfall compared to last year was largely due to that huge downfall on May 31st.  In under an hour we had up to 50mm in the village – have never seen the Green with so much water on it!

It was the warmest May since records began more than 100 yrs ago. Maximum temperature for the month – 28.7°C was recorded at Northolt (London) and the minimum was minus 4.6°C at Aboyne (Aberdeenshire).  It was the sunniest May since 1989.

The Met Office reported that the weather for Spring 2018 (March/April/May) had been “very dynamic with many fluctuations”.

I think we can all agree on that!