Weather Watch

Sep 3, 2018 | Bits & Bobs

Wisborough Green rainfall for July was 45mm (last year 92mm – 10 yr average 58mm).  From early June till late July it was very dry indeed and we were all grateful that the hot weather ended to give us much needed rain. In the past hot weather broke down quite quickly after a few days but this summer so far has certainly been different! Comparisons are being made to the summer of 1976 when there were hosepipe bans. The winter of 75/76 was very dry unlike this last winter so with any luck we will escape them – but we will be needing the winter rains (hopefully not yet!)

Weathervane recorded 32°C in Wisborough Green in July but in Faversham (Kent) the thermometer hit 35.3°C. Coldest for July was 0.9°C at Tulloch Bridge (Inverness-shire).  As for June, sunshine levels were high – 138% of average.