Weather Watch

Jan 31, 2020 | Bits & Bobs

Wisborough Green Rainfall for November was 170mm (year before 116) and my 13 yr average 117mm.   The wet months have now continued for four months in a row. If only we could have shared this rain with Australia.

For December I recorded a max temp of 11.1° C in Wisborough Green while Achfary (Sutherland) reached a high of 18.7°C.   Minimum for December in WG was minus 2.7° C – but nationwide it was minus 10.3°C at Tulloch Bridge (Inverness-shire).  Certainly fewer frosts so far – all good for our central heating costs!

I mentioned last month about past very cold winters and there is a family anecdote that my great grandfather drove on the Thames in a coach and four horses from Abingdon to Wallingford in the mid 1850’s.  Methinks unlikely to happen for a year or two!