Weather Watch

Nov 1, 2017 | Bits & Bobs

October was a dull and mild month with the wettest weather in the west and north of the UK as they bore the brunt of the prevailing systems from the Atlantic, plus ex-hurricane Ophelia.  Capel Curig in Wales got drenched with 419mm  while Essex received only 10mm.  In Wisborough Green we had 51mm – last year 35mm and my 10 yr average 90mm.

Highest temperature in October was 24.0°C at Manston (Kent)  and the coldest temp was recorded at Tulloch Bridge  minus 5.0°C.  The winds from Ophelia gave the country those strange yellowy and forbidding skies -this was due to small soot particles from the Iberian forest fires.

Take a look at article under the Horticultural Society (page 45) about Climate Change in the future. There must be somewhere in the Midlands that is not too dry and not too wet!  If the Gulf Stream should cease (which could happen apparently) we are on the same latitude as Newfoundland! Now that’s a chilly thought…… .