Weather Watch

Mar 4, 2019 | Bits & Bobs

Wisborough Green Rainfall for the month was 34mm – last year 96 mm and my 12 yr average 125mm.  The driest January in the last 12 years in WG and nationally the driest since 2006.  So, it was dry and January is normally the wettest month of the year!

Highest temperature for January in the UK was 14.2°C at Saunton (Devon) and the coldest temp was minus 14.3°C recorded at Braemar (Aberdeenshire). Do hope HM has a good heating system at her castle as Braemar is often one of the coldest spots!    For Wisborough Green the max and min was 12.9°C and minus 6.0°C respectively (our lowest for the winter so far).

Luckily our area missed the worst of the snow on the last day of January – even more so we didn’t have to suffer the polar vortex that central North America suffered – recording lowest ever temperatures.

A polar vortex is an upper level low pressure area overlying the North and South Poles and is approximately 1,000kms in diameter – rotating clockwise at the South Pole and ant-clockwise at the North Pole. Beneath this low pressure area lies a large mass of very cold dense air and is driven by the Coriolus effect. Explanation next month!