WG Short Mat Bowls Club

Apr 1, 2020 | Sport News

We travelled to Pulborough for a friendly match on Wednesday 19thFebruary.  In a light hearted and enjoyable match Wisborough ran out winners by 36 shots.

On Mat 1 (Tony, Hilary and Bernard) winning 35-11.  On Mat 2 (Jane, Lorraine and George) winning 23-5.  On Mat 3 (Marilyn, Shirley and Pauline) losing 13-19, giving a Match Result of 71-35.

We then travelled to Aldingbourne for a friendly match on Wednesday afternoon 26th February.  In an enjoyable match played in the right spirit, Wisborough lost by 22 shots.

On Mat 1 (Gavin, Jane, David and Bernard) winning 21-14.  On Mat 2 (Tony, Linda, Marilyn and Lorraine) losing 7-36, giving a Match Result of 28-50.

Finally we entertained Ewhurst in a friendly match on Tuesday afternoon 10th March.  In an enjoyable and very competitive match, Wisborough lost by 3 shots.

On Mat 1 (Gavin, Hilary, Derek and Bernard) losing 16-21.  On Mat 2 (Marilyn, Linda, Lorraine and Dave H) winning 18-16, giving a Match Result of 34-37.

Due to the Coronavirus, April fixtures are unlikely.

Monica Enticknap, Captain