WG Village Hall 50 Club

Feb 28, 2018 | Village Hall News

New 50 Club Members Required and New Volunteer Promoter Needed  ……………

In case you weren’t aware, here in the village we run a 50 Club which raises funds to support the village hall. Essentially members join by paying a yearly subscription (at present it is £48 and this can be paid in instalments if desired). This entitles each member to be included in the monthly-prizes draw. There are prizes of £20, £50 and £75, varying through the year, with a bonus draw in December of £500. Each subscriber has two chances in each draw. This is  a good fun-way to raise monies for your village hall.

Every year so far, our 50 Club has raised over £1000 towards the costs of running the Village Hall.  We rely upon villagers to subscribe in order to continue this 50 Club.  We also need a promoter to organise the monthly draw and to issue subscription tickets. The more members we encourage the more the benefits for the community.

Ruth Andrews has been our organiser for many years and she now wishes to stand down. We are very grateful to  Ruth for all her efforts.  Please would you consider helping by volunteering to take on the role of 50 Club promoter and organiser.

If you think that you, or a friend of yours would enjoy getting involved in this village activity, then please contact Keith Carter on 700502 or Ruth Andrews on 700671.


Join us please…….Wisborough Green VH 50Club needs you!