WG Village History Society – Review of the Year 2018

Nov 30, 2018 | Bits & Bobs

This year we been pleased to welcome two new members.

During the year we have received a number of documents and items for our records and are always pleased to receive more.

We have received many requests for family history information. We were able to host a Canadian couple and give them a tour of the area showing them eleven places where their ancestors had lived. This threw up a puzzle as one of them had lived in the Barracks in Wisborough Green, where was it, were there soldiers living there, when and why? Research is ongoing but it looks likely to have been on the site of the old Congregational Chapel at the time of the Napoleonic wars with the troops guarding the river crossing at Green Bridge.

We have had a talk about maypole dancing at the school and heard a very entertaining talk about crime and punishment on Newpound. Nicolette Francis, Pat Gierth’s neice, came to talk about his life and his work designing the tapestry in the church and the village sign. We also heard about the work that went into making the tapestry.

Over thirty items found by metal detectorists in the village roused a great deal of interest.

The Parish and District Councils accepted the name ‘Great Meadow’ as an alternative to ‘Bluebell Meadow’ for the new housing estate. Great Meadow is the name of the site on the 1842 Tithe Map.

One of our members, Andrew Strudwick, has done a great deal of research, building on work started four years ago, on the servicemen who were killed in the First World War. As a result the booklet, ‘Wisborough Green 22’, was published to complement the ‘There But Not There’ installation in the church. We have hosted visits by the Scouts, Fittleworth Beavers and children from the primary school to see the installation and to hear a talk about those who were killed in the war.

If this review sounds interesting please come and join us on the second Tuesday of the month in the Committee Room at 10.30 a.m.

Sue Killingbeck, Secretary