Women’s Institute

September Meeting Report …..

For our September meeting Judy Springings brought her spinning wheels, wool, and various sorts of wool to show us and demonstrated how to spin.  Practically the only thing missing was the sheep from which she obtains her basic materials.  She explained about the different types of wool and fibres that can be spun and how she dyes her wool with natural dyes, even the dye made from elderberries is not what you would think.  She did say that the only fibre that cannot be spun is human hair and cat hair!  So just to dispel this, one member brought in her combings from her Persian cat which Judy proceeded to spin with some degree of success!!  We all came away a good deal more knowledgeable than before the meeting.

For our 5 October meeting Nicci Anderson from Wiltshire Foods will be coming to explain about their company and she promises to bring tastings which always go down well with us.

We have booked a table at the table top sale on the 7 October at the Village Hall so if any member could remember to bring item/items to sell we would be very grateful.  Could you please put a sale price on them too.  Many thanks.

Sue Nicholls 700827
Mary Benson (President) 01403 700284