Youth Club Update

Mar 3, 2020 | Village News

Chinese New Year is celebrated by more than 20% of the world – and the children of the Renegades Youth Group were no exception!

To mark the Year of the Rat, the children played a specially devised game of What Have The Chinese Ever Done For Us, with football, the umbrella, toilet paper and toothbrushes leaving them open mouthed in surprise. Chopsticks got a more “Doh” reaction…until the real fireworks began, and their enthusiasm went literally sky high! According to Chinese tradition, fireworks are set off to scare away monsters and bad luck so a huge ‘thank you’ must go to Robert and Steve at Aurora Fireworks for their continued support and for making it such a memorable monster-free evening for the children (and our Loxwood neighbours).

Also, according to tradition, you are meant to eat dumplings at every meal during the Chinese New Year festival though, unsurprisingly, few do that these days! If you have ever tried to make Chinese dumpling pastry from scratch, you’ll know that you need Popeye’s post-spinach muscles to get it thin enough but the children managed it…with a little help! They made the traditional pork dumplings, which were universally praised, and then had a go at the traditional calligraphy using Chinese ink brushes. We’re not exactly sure what was written, or if anyone from China could understand it, but we loved the fact that they all knew which Chinese zodiac animal they were.

We are currently on the lookout for some good sofas and curtains to create a chill-out zone for the children in our meeting space. We continue to be amazed by the generous help and support we get from you – you are making such a lasting difference to the lives of these children and those who will follow them.

The Renegades meet every Monday evening in Loxwood and anyone interested in joining can ring Gareth Miller on 07801 862550. We are also looking at creating special interest spin off groups in art, cookery and forestry so watch this space!