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Over the last several months, as many of us have been working from home, the importance of fast broadband has been self-evident. Comments on the Wisborough Green Noticeboard Facebook page suggest that broadband speed is patchy in the village and some of us do still experience slow times, the Parish Clerk included.

Wisborough Green, as a rural parish, has an opportunity to improve connection with Gigabit Broadband to every household and small business in the village and wider parish area. You currently may not think that you need faster broadband but, as platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, iPlayer etc move to higher definition, and with more devices in households, your internet connection can easily overload, leading to the dreaded “buffering” or slow connection.

Our MP wrote to the Parish Council to highlight a Government and WSCC scheme that would allow the village to access Ultrafast Broadband (also known as Fibre To The Premises – FTTP). Homes and businesses with broadband speeds of less than 100Mbps can use vouchers to support the cost of installing new gigabit-capable connections within a group scheme. A single joint application would be made on behalf of everyone interested.

Under this scheme, we anticipate zero installation costs and no increase in the monthly cost of your current internet connection, assuming you have/maintain normal High Speed Broadband (>30Mbps). You are under no obligation to upgrade to Ultrafast Broadband – this is about having the option to do so at some point, if you choose to.

Every household added to the joint application attracts funding of £1,500 from central government plus a top-up of £2,500 from WSCC towards the installation/infrastructure costs. Your commitment is a 12-month contract with virtually any provider for normal High-Speed Broadband. This may well mean nothing more than an extension to your current contract. You do not need to commit to Ultrafast Broadband.

At this stage you just need to confirm your agreement and provide your name and address to the Parish Council Clerk on putting ‘fibre’ in the subject line or call 01403 701102.

Further information can also be found here:

Don’t delay. The quicker we can get our application in, the quicker we can all start enjoying a better internet experience.