People are being urged NOT to light bonfires in the Chichester District in order to protect the health of others during the Coronavirus crisis.

Smoke from bonfires can aggravate respiratory problems, which people with virus symptoms may be experiencing. Please do not burn your garden waste, or any other waste, and be mindful of your neighbours and local community who may be spending time in their gardens during the lockdown.

Residents who are affected by smoke from bonfires should report this to the council’s Environmental Protection team and provide as much information as possible, such as an address; the time of the bonfire; an indication of the items being burnt; and the duration and frequency of the bonfire. People can report bonfires on the council’s website:

The council has various enforcement options for dealing with bonfires, including fixed penalty notices of £100 and nuisance abatement notices.

Waste Collection

The CDC crews are working hard to keep waste collection services running as normal, and is prioritising domestic waste (black bins) and recycling (burgundy bins). CDC will do its best to keep a Garden Recycling service going but there may be disruption to these rounds.

CDC will try to collect everybody’s waste, but there may be occasions when they can’t reach everyone. If your bin has been missed, please keep hold of your waste and place your bin out on your next fortnightly collection day. If you have any excess waste as a result of a missed collection, you can put this in a bag and place it next to your bin.

In the short term, perhaps your green waste can be composted or maybe sticks, twigs and branches can be used to create an insect hotel. Regular cutting to top the grass may prevent the need for the cuttings to be collected. These measures can reduce your dependency on green waste collections for a short period of time enabling CDC to focus resources on waste and recycling.

Your support and cooperation is greatly appreciated at this challenging time.