This time last year I was in Glasgow attending COP26.  Energy use has been a dominant issue in the run up to Christmas both in use and escalating costs and, following on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Part of West Sussex – the Manhood Peninsula, to the south of Chichester – is very low lying and under threat from Sea Level Rise.  The UK has undertaken some work to reduce emissions from fossil fuels but, as the independent Climate Change Committee, has said not enough.  It the average temperature increase exceeds 1.5°C the county will lose that area of the coastal plain.

There is an issue with needing to limit water use as well.  This area is subject to water being stressed and companies under pressure to curb use. Evidence from the River Arun showed that a very rare snail was threatened by a reduction in water and the Northern area of the Southern Water area has had to demonstrate limiting water to no more than it has used to date.

When the fracking moratorium was first announced many people who knew the role of KKWG, Keep Kirdford and Wisborough Green, in collating evidence and providing witnesses at the WSCC Planning Committee meeting on July 22nd, 2014,  which refused the company, Celtique Energie, permission to drill on land to the south of Boxal Bridge were very pleased.  It took time for the idea to filter through that actually the moratorium did not apply in the Weald.  The Infrastructure Act changed the definition of the term “fracking” which had become to be seen as toxic.  So, applications made in Surrey, Sussex and on the IoW were not seen as “fracking” which requires a certain amount of power, liquids and pressure…..

We are pleased here at Ingrams Farm that the WG PC objected to that application to drill in 2014 but also supported our application earlier this year to install some solar panels in a small paddock, panels which cannot be seen by anyone unless they are using a drone! During the summer much of our needs were met, now in the winter, it is back to wood burning stoves and extra jumpers.

We have to contemplate the future of the planet when our activities are upsetting natural processes and that of the younger generations who are bound to ask Why, when the evidence was clear, did you let this happen?  All best wishes for 2023.

KKWG AGM – 2nd December  2022

Wisborough Green Village Hall, School Road from 6.30-9

to include short AGM and election of officers to include Chair, Hon Secretary and Press Officer.

To be followed by drinks and nibbles and a talk on Climate Change from 7pm.

All Welcome

Contact: Chair KKWG, Dr Jill Sutcliffe, 01403 700395