An application by UKOG for an Exploratory drill at Dunsfold which took place at a virtual meeting on 29th June is still waiting to be re-run by Surrey County Council.

An application by Angus Energy for an Extended Well Test at Balcombe – consultation ends 28th September.


Private Eye reported on a meeting held behind closed doors between Horsham District Council and the developers of the proposal to build 3,500-4,000 houses at Adversane ie to create a settlement larger than Wisborough Green.

Proposals for “streamlining” planning brought forward by government fly in the face of the evidence.  Watch CPRE website for information.  Comments on the consultation need to be sent in by 28th October.

Climate change

See picture below for impacts being faced by Sussex from Sea Level Rise

Jill Sutcliffe, Chair KKWG,  01403 700395 or jillsutcliffe1@gmail.com

Map shows what sea levels will look like in 2050 with a 2 deg C rise in global temperatures