The British Stickmakers Guild held their Final Round of the 2023 World Stickmaking Championship in Derbyshire on the weekend of 8th October. I wanted to go and see if I could buy any materials for stickmaking from the various trade stands. Helen said “If you want to go why don’t you enter the competition“ As I am a member of the BSG I contacted the secretary and he said I could only enter the Novice Category as I haven’t entered the competition before.

To my surprise I was awarded a Second & Third place in the Novice Category. I couldn’t believe it as there were other sticks which I thought were better than mine. My opinion doesn’t count, though, it’s up to the judges on the day. Judging is strict and you are not allowed to talk to the judge or be in the vicinity when judging takes place.

The first picture below is of the 3 winning sticks, the second picture is of the Duke of Devonshire awarding me with 2nd & 3rd rosettes.