Good News ! A little bit of repetition but also some progress.

The NP Review Green Gap Assessments have been validated by community volunteers. Useful comments contributed to the final report which has now been submitted to AECOM for external professional validation.

The completion of this work, and confirmation of the housing allocation to WG, will trigger the Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitat Regulations Assessment required on the proposed sites. These reports will be the final piece of the information jigsaw puzzle that will provide the detailed overview needed to identify the achievable sites for the housing allocation for WG. At the time of writing in early October, we still await confirmation of housing numbers from CDC.

There is much controversy around the proposed changes in the Planning White Paper and its potential impact on villages such as WG , particularly in light of the lack of a 5-year housing land supply currently within the Chichester District. CDC has responded to the consultation, calling upon the Government to genuinely support local democracy by supporting the Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan making processes which our local MP, Andrew Griffiths, also fully supports.

Without a Local Plan in place, CDC has adopted an Interim Planning Statement until the reviewed Local Plan is adopted. It should be noted that an Interim Planning Statement cannot override current policy, guidance or statute until such time as current policy is replaced. At the current time, Strategic Environmental Assessments and Habitat Regulations Assessments still carry significant weight, as do comments from Historic England.

Neighbourhood Plan Review Steering Group