It’s been a little while so a quick update to keep you informed on the current status of the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) review.

In discussion with our independent planning advisor, we are now working on the submission version of the draft plan to incorporate feedback from the last Regulation 14 consultation which took place in June 2021.

Meetings have been held within the NP Team and with other stakeholders to continue to investigate factors affecting the proposed development sites. The two main issues are the viability of a pavement in Kirdford Road linking the proposed sites with village amenities and the demonstration of water neutrality. Demonstration of the latter is a recent planning requirement for all Parishes within the Sussex North Water Supply Zone. This is a large area that includes Horsham and Crawley, as well as the north Chichester area, the implications of which are currently being considered by all the District/Borough Councils.

The third issue still affecting the WG NP Review is the ongoing delay in the Chichester Local Plan which has to be complete, and the housing allocation for Wisborough Green confirmed, before our NP can go forward for examination. It is unlikely that the Local Plan will be progressed significantly in the immediate future so the conclusion of our own NP is currently, and regretfully, not within the control of the NP Team. We will continue to keep you informed.

The Neighbourhood Plan Review Team