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Apr 1, 2020 | Bits & Bobs


Hi, I’m Heidi from Waste Not Want Not Living, and we would love to help everybody in the village waste less and recycle more. In an age when sustainability is at the top of everyone’s agenda, we know that it’s not always easy to know the best thing to do, so we are here to help.

This month we wanted to let you know about a few things you can recycle, that you may not know about. Often these things CANNOT go in your recycling bin at home, but there are other places that you can take them to be recycled.

  • Crisp Packets – various collections take place in the area, but you can drop any crisp packet at Wisborough Green Primary School or at the Village Market every month with us to raise funds for the school.
  • Bread Bags and other Polythene – you can either bring your bread bags to the school for our Terracycle collection, or take them, and any other polythene items to your supermarket and put them in the carrier bag recycling bins in store. That includes the stretchy plastics like fruit and veg bags, bubble wrap, frozen food bags and anything marked LDPE or HDPE.
  • Plastic Lids and Bottle Tops – in West Sussex you MUST REMOVE any bottle tops that are smaller than the size of a jam jar lid. You can take bottle lids into any LUSH store, or send them off to a company called Protomax who will recycle them – the address is Protomax Plastics Ltd, Vallis Mills Trading Estate, Robins Lane, Frome, Somerset, BA11 3DT.
  • Plastic Milk Bottle Tops Only – you can recycle milk bottle tops at Wisborough Village Market, or in the pink bin at 3 The Luth.
  • Toothpaste tubes and Toothbrushes – toothpaste tubes are NOT recyclable in your recycling bin, but again, these are collected at the school to raise funds.
  • Contact Lenses and their Blister Packs – can be recycled at any Boots Optician store.
  • Make Up and Cosmetic Bottles – you can take to any Body Shop store.


For more information on things you may not have known you can recycle, and for a full list of Terracycle schemes which raise money for charity and collect many things from biscuit wrappers to cosmetics, go to

Did You Know You CAN Recycle These Items in Your Normal Recycling Bin?

Most people think that you cannot put these items in your recycling bin, but in fact you can! West Sussex has one of the best recycling facilities in the UK, so we can recycle more than most counties.

  • Blister packs from medication.
  • Pringles tubes.
  • Plastic and disposable coffee cups and their lids.
  • Black plastic food trays.

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Heidi Lang