Christian Aid Week 2024 -Big Brekkie – Friday 17 May

The Big Brekkie is back for Christian Aid Week 2024 in Wisborough Green.

The Big Brekkie will take place on Friday 17th May during the Xpresso session in church, from 8.45 to 11.30 am.  Please come along and support us and enjoy a chat over cake and a cup of coffee or breakfast.  Activity sheets for adults and children will be available, so come along and join in.  If you would like to support the Big Brekkie but are not able to attend on that day, please consider giving a donation to Christian Aid.  This can be done through donation envelopes.

There will be donation envelopes available in church throughout Christian Aid Week and these can be placed in the wall box just inside the church entrance or delivered to the Vicarage in Glebe Way.

Thank you for your support.

Henrietta Warwick,
Christian Aid Week Co-ordinator