Loxwood Clay Pit and Waste Recycling Planning Application

Loxwood Clay Pits Ltd has applied to West Sussex County Council Planning Dept to take clay out of Pallinghurst Woods, Loxwood and to then  construct a materials recycling facility (CMRF) for dealing with  construction wastes.  The proposal cites 42 HGV movements required daily, shutting off a footpath and causing noise, dust and disruption to the  woodlands, its wildlife and the community.

The application Ref No is WSCC/030/21 and the deadline for comments is 30th August but responses will be looked at after that date.  The likely date of the Planning Committee would be 5th November.

Contact:  Jill Sutcliffe 01403 700395  email: jillsutcliffe1@gmail.com;

What is the application about?

Loxwood Clay Pits Ltd, who own 300 acres of Pallinghurst Woods are planning to create a commercial waste recycling plant and associated clay pits close to Loxwood.

The plans include 42 HGV truck movements a day along narrow, local roads to and from the site. This will impact residents of Loxwood, Tismans Common, Rudgwick, Alfold, Wisborough Green, Ifold and Plaistow. The HGV’s will bring in skip waste from construction and demolition sites, enter Pallinghurst woods at the lay-by on the Loxwood Road. Note this means the public parking in this lay-by will be affected.

The HGV’s will then cross public footpaths and bridleway to travel 1.3KM into the woodland along a track which has a Public Right Of Way application to West Sussex County Council. The HGV’s will then dump their skip contents into a purpose built 1400 square metre building. Once waste is sorted, it will be trucked back out of the woodland to be sold. The waste facility will create background noise in
a location which is currently tranquil. Meanwhile, 6 hectares of woodland will be ripped up to excavate clay. Half of the waste, the residual called Trommel
Fines, will be used to infill the clay pits.

You are encouraged to download and read the application and, if you then feel you want to object, you should submit your own individual formal objection to WSCC as soon as possible.

As advised in the WSCC planning letter sent to residents near the proposed site,
WSCC can only take certain issues into account. These include:

  • Suitability of use for the area
  • Loss of light/ outlook/ privacy
  • Effect on historic features such as listed buildings/ conservation areas
  • Dust/ odour/ fumes
  • Impact on trees/ hedgerows
  • Layout/ appearance/ design of buildings
  • Traffic generation/ access/ highway safety
  • Impact on natural environment including animals and their habitat
  • Noise/disturbance
  • Effect on landscape or character of area.

The Stop the Claypit website https://www.stoptheclaypit.org/ contains an “Objection Summary”.  The summary outlines the ways to object to WSCC. It covers key policy related points provided by their consultants. There are a lot as this is a complex application.

If you agree with these points and want to object, simply choose the points which mean the most to you. There is no need to use them all.  This is your opportunity to have your voice heard by WSCC. Please use your own words to make your objection count.  Any individual over 18 can send an objection.