Many of you will have noticed the burnt-out car in School Road, Wisborough Green – especially those attending Church on the morning of 14 April and those dropping off their children at school in the morning of Monday 15th April.  Apparently the car, purportedly a white Audi, had been parked in School Road for nearly two months until concerned local residents finally reported the car to the police the previous Friday.

In the very early hours of Sunday morning (14th April), a resident noticed a light on the car and reported it to the Fire Brigade.  The resident reported: “The car was on fire with flames up to  the tree. The fire-fighters were very efficient and the fire was extinguished by about 1.30 / 2am.”

The car was a complete wreck as can be seen by the photo right.

Another resident reported: “The police came early evening on the Monday and said the car had been involved in a crime and had been ‘torched’. They said this is what happens when a crime has occurred.”

It seems very strange that hardly over a day after the car was reported to the police, someone should decide to set fire to it!  Coincidence?