Wisborough Green rainfall in June was 25mm (last year 105mm) and my 13 yr average 58mm.  This is less than half of normal rainfall for June and yet for the UK as a whole it managed 144% of normal!   We have been rather unlucky in this neck of the woods for the rainfall bands have either gone to the north or south of us!   Of course some places do get too much rain – namely the Honister pass in Cumbria recorded 213mm in 24 hours.   So though a rain dance may be a good plan, be careful what you wish for!

I recorded a maximum of 33.3°C on 25th June – in the UK as a whole Heathrow just pipped us with a max of 33.4°C.

Similar to May I recorded 13 days in June where the temperature was around the 25° mark and above.   So far this year we have been running 1° above the long term average – this must be a portent for the future.   Our minimum in WG for June was 7.6°C but nationwide it was minus 1.9°C at Tulloch Bridge (Aberdeenshire).