The Next Market is on Saturday 9th June

The Wisborough Green Market is a community project for everybody in the community; inclusion is highly important for us and why we are maintaining our Markets on Saturdays to give everybody in the village and the local area the chance to visit, including people of working age who were not able to come on a week day especially as the end of lockdowns mean less people working from home.

In the last couple of months not only the Wisborough Green Market, but also markets all around Surrey and Sussex have seen a decrease in clients and visitors due to the different challenges and financial difficulties many households are currently facing.

We have however seen since last year a clear increase in the number of younger families, residents and couples who have been able to come and buy produce at our Market, who could not join us before.

We are delighted that we have become a community event people of all ages can attend.

Lastly, please remember that is it in our mission statement that we use our profits to fund local charities, and every year we donate our proceeds to different local charitable projects and organisations.

Helping the market is helping the community.

Ultimately, the more footfall we keep attracting, the more variety of stalls we will keep attracting to welcome you with a great variety of produce and goods.

We look forward to seeing you again in May, and thank you very much for your continuous support.

Lynn, Sara, Nigel and Marieta
Wisborough Green Market committee