Minibus logoThere is no further news as of the middle of July as to when we will be able to resume our service in the village. Nothing as yet has been forthcoming from the Government with regard to the possible future operation of minibuses and we are therefore presently requesting the Department for Transport for specific advice.  The safety of our volunteers and passengers is obviously paramount when considering service resumption and at present a definite date cannot be predicted.  It is thought that current social distancing guidance would restrict numbers on our minibus in any case to a maximum of three or four.

Upon resumption of service, PPE, hand sanitizer dispensers and cleaning  regimes will be in place; even clear plastic screens such as those now used in retail outlets may need to be considered, dependent upon future social distancing guidance.  In the meantime our new bus is expected imminently and we certainly intend to be up and ready to go when that time comes.

Thank you for your patience and please do stay safe and well.

Pat Farmer,  Divisional Organiser
Tel: 01403 700492