Time really is flying! We are already approaching the end of our first half-term under the new ‘normal’ and so many things have changed! As primary school teachers, we constantly strive to School Logomake learning interesting and engaging for children whilst making them feel safe, secure and happy. Never before has this been such a challenge. Current restrictions prevent us from permitting visitors to enter school, holding mass gatherings such as assemblies and social events and participating in public events, so the staff and PTA have needed to be inventive in continuing to provide quality experiences for the children at Wisborough Green.

I am pleased to say that, with the help and support of Reverend Jenkins at St Peter’s, our children have still been able to celebrate Harvest this year. Each class visited the church separately and performed a Harvest celebration song (outside!) before entering the church for a brief sermon with poems and prayers of thanks. Of course we would have loved to have invited parents and friends to join our celebration but, in response to school and church guidelines, we had to settle for class videos, which is available on our website https://www.wisboroughgreenschool.org.uk/ .

Our amazing PTA have also risen to the challenge! They have continued our weekly cake raffle, which is as popular as ever, and are currently making plans for Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas. Although none of these occasions will follow their usual format, I have no doubt that the PTA and staff will ensure that we continue to provide special and lasting memories for all of our children.

Virtual meetings have also become part of daily school life, which is something that I never imagined saying or taking part in! I was thrilled to present the locality Poster for Peace winner (Esme, Year 5) with their prize through a virtual assembly this term and Year 5 have recently used technology to communicate live with local Fire Fighters in order to find out more about fire safety at home and at school.

It is great to see how children of all ages have quickly adapted to a different way of learning and communicating and I hope that many of the new skills they are now developing prove to be useful as they progress through school and beyond into the wider world.

Visit our website for more info: http://www.wisboroughgreenschool.org.uk or follow us on Twitter – @WGPS864

Best wishes,Caroline Bennett
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