We  thank Jane Thomas, Director of Music at Farlington School, for giving us the most wonderful concert on Wednesday evening June 29th.   The Music ranged from Jane’s own arrangement of Dashing away with the smoothing iron, to a grand finale of Vivaldi’s Gloria in excelsis Deo.   Two choirs, Farlingtonic,  and Aristoskatz, included a wonderful Sunset Boulevard compilation, and Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s song Memory.   Musicians were outstanding, with solos performed on Flute, Cello and Clarinet.  Also included in the program we enjoyed a classical Guitar group and a very unusual rendition on a Korean guitar.   Refreshments were a delight, canapés of many varieties, and a choice of wine; all enjoyed by audience and performers alike.

A truly splendid concert, hardly a spare seat available, with music and singing rising to the rafters of our beautiful church and setting a wonderful atmosphere which encouraged the audience and beyond to give so generously to our St. Peter’s Triple Mission Charity.   Thank you to everyone who helped to make this event so enjoyable.

Doris, Judy and Team