Ad Vincula Magazine Distribution Coordinator Needed

As you know, Wisborough Green’s Parish Magazine, “Ad Vincula”, is delivered FREE to every household in Wisborough Green by our wonderful team of volunteer “deliverers”. These  deliverers receive their copies each month from our Distribution Coordinator – currently John Gough. Regrettably, John is unable to continue in this role and we are therefore seeking his replacement.

This is a voluntary role and the Coordinator is part of the Ad Vincula Team.  The Distribution Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the list of volunteer deliverers and their nominated “rounds” and for ensuring each deliverer receives their allocation of magazines each month from the 900 to 950 copies delivered by our printer each month.

This role is a vital part of the Team as, without it, your magazines would not get delivered to your home. If you or someone you know would like to be involved in this community activity and would like more information, then please telephone our current Distribution Coordinator, John Gough on 01403 700157 or the Editor, Roland Zilz on 01403 700632 or email

Many thanks, The Ad Vincula Team