Youth Club Update

Apr 30, 2020 | Village News

The country may be in lockdown but the Renegades refuse to be beaten!

Although we are very carefully following all government guidelines and staying safely at our own homes, we have been working hard to come up with ways of keeping the creative and innovative spirit of the youth group alive.

Apart from Zoom online group meetings – not always hugely successful as rural broadband is so frustratingly variable – we have invested in remote cameras and mounts and are exploring with the children the most imaginative ways of using them. So far suggestions have been to tie one to a firework rocket, to an archery arrow, to a dog’s collar and even in the dishwasher. Results will hopefully be available in the weeks to come! 

The cameras are also being used to show the children how things actually work. We cannot safely have 30 children watching a spinning router blade, or how a chisel cuts into wood, but we can film them up close and personal – welcome to the birth of Renegade TV!

Bex Coombes, our Foraging Officer has also been setting the children challenges. She has set them harvesting bulrushes and looking for primroses and violets (with clear health and safety instructions) which they crystallised and used as Easter cake decorations. She has also done a masterclass on stinging nettles, which are rich in vitamin C and iron. She told them how to source them (away from dogs and traffic) and how to make nettle tea and soup!

The Renegades Art Club has finally been launched but has obviously had to go immediately online. Their first project was to design a Renegade character which might be used as a logo component – think Pudsy for Children in Need – in any medium or style the children wanted to use.

Other projects they will be working on include using food and small figures, like Hornby figures which come in a wide range of poses, to create a sense of narrative. Imagine a mountaineer climbing a mashed potato mountain, while others rest on a pea cairn. They will also be using sliced food as fine art and photographing flowers trapped in ice.

Other activities that the Renegades have shared online have been cheese making, vegetable growing and star gazing… when the going gets tough, the Renegades keeps going!