The Gardener’s Calendar

October Jobs in the Garden

(by Ian Clemens, Horticultural Society)

  • As colder weather is approaching, protect half-hardy plantswith fleece or bring into a frost-free greenhouse or conservatory.
  • Once the first frosts have blackened Dahlia foliage, lift tubers and store in a dry frost free environment over the winter months.
  • Lift Begonia tubers and Gladioli corms and remove the dead foliage before storing them.
  • Plant daffodiltulipand Allium bulbs for a glorious spring display.
  • Time to plant spring beddingsuch as wallflowersBellisPrimulas and winter pansies .
  • Harvestsquashes and pumpkins before the first frosts.
  • Finish harvesting beans and peas. When beans and peas finish cropping simply cut the plant away at ground level, leaving the roots in the soil. These crops fix nitrogen which is slowly released into the soil as the roots break down
  • Continueplanting autumn garlic and onions for a bumper earlier crop next summer.
  • Any plants withgreen tomatoes or peppers remaining can be hung upside down indoors to ripen.
  • Clear the straw from around the base of strawberry plants to increase ventilation. Shear back old foliage to encourage fresh new growth.
  • Divide congested clumps of rhubarb by digging up and splitting into several pieces with a spade. Re-plant the healthiest looking pieces.
  • Remove the netting from fruit cages to allow birds to catch and eat any pests that are lurking there.