The Gardener’s Calendar

December Jobs in the Garden

(by Ian Clemens, Horticultural Society)

  • Start to prune your Wisteria, climbing roses, vines and fruit trees.
  • Leave the faded flower heads on your hydrangeas until the spring, as they will provide frost protection to the swelling buds further down the stems.
  • Move containers of shrubs or bedding plants to a sheltered spot; clustering them together helps protect the root systems from suffering frost damage.
  • Take hardwood cuttings from suitable trees and shrubs.
  • Lift and divide established clumps of rhubarb to renew the plant’s vigour.
  • Remove yellowing leaves from your winter brassicas as they are no use to the plant and may harbour pests and diseases. Cover with netting to protect them from pigeons.
  • Dig over empty borders and pile manure on top – let the worms and frosts break up the clods of soil.
  • Apply glue bands or grease bands to the trunks of fruit trees to prevent wingless female winter moths climbing the trunks and laying their eggs in the branches.
  • Plant raspberry canes now whilst they are dormant.
  • Plant blueberries for an attractive addition to the fruit garden.