Refuse and Recycling

Household Waste – Domestic Bins

Chichester District Council operate an alternate weekly waste and recycling collection service and have provided all households with two wheeled bins. One week the general waste is collected and the following week the recycling is collected. The collection day in Wisborough Green is Tuesday (except over the Christmas and New Year period) although different parts of the village have different bins emptied. Do watch your neighbours!!

Burgundy Wheeled Bin – Recycling bin. All your recyclable materials should be placed in the bin (please rinse out plastic bottles and cans beforehand) and do not put carrier bags in this bin. If possible, do squash the materials to reduce the volume. This bin can be used for mixed recycling – further details are available here.

Black Wheeled Bin – For the leftover rubbish that cannot be recycled or composted. It is not for garden waste, rubble, bulky items, corrosive materials/liquids or hot ashes. Please do not overfill your waste bin; the lid should be closed at all times.

Additional general waste that cannot fit inside the black wheeled bin will be collected if it is contained in a special clear Council marked biodegradable ‘excess waste sack’. Waste contained in other bags or sacks around the bin will not be collected. These Council sacks are available for purchase from Council offices and a number of local retailers and should be placed next to your black wheeled bin on general waste collection day.

Information on other recycling schemes and initiatives to prevent landfill and reduce waste, including a Greenwaste (Garden Waste) collection service.

Collection Point
The collection point is at your property boundary at the nearest point to the public highway. To ensure you do not miss your collection, please place the appropriate wheeled bin at the collection point by 7.00 am.

Where properties are unsuitable for wheeled bins alternative arrangements can be made by agreement with the Council. Likewise, assistance may be available if you have physical problems that prevent you from taking your bin to your property boundary. If this is the case, please contact Chichester District Council on 01243 534619.

Recycling Points

Village Hall Car Park:
Clothes recycling only.

West Sussex County Council operate a large household recycling centre. Multiple skips allow you to dispose of domestic appliances (large and small), old batteries, paint and oil, textiles, and shoes as well as garden and household waste. No trade and commercial waste accepted. 
For general enquiries telephone 0845 1300 393.

Opening Times 1 April to
30 Sept
1 Oct to
31 March
Monday  to Wednesday 10 am to 7 pm 8 am to 5 pm
Thursday & Friday Closed Closed
Saturday & Sunday 10 am to 7 pm 10 am to 5 pm
Bank Holidays 10 am to 7 pm 10 am to 5 pm

Other Ways to Recycle

Over the years Chichester District Council has launched a number of initiatives to encourage us all to recycle and save the amount of waste that is going to landfill. Find out more about recycling, food composters/digesters, or the Real Nappy Initiative.

Fly Tipping

Even with a large recycling centre on our doorstep, Fly Tipping is sadly still a problem in this area. Please report details of any incidents directly to Chichester District Council.

More information about your collection dates, missed collections and other waste and recycling advice.