Library Service

The Library Service is operated by West Sussex County Council and provides far more than just books! A large section of music and audio CDs, DVDs, videos and games is also available, along with a free information and enquiry service; expert staff are able to access the latest resources to help answer your query. The Online service (24 hrs a day) also allows you to browse through an extensive catalogue, ask questions, search databases, use electronic reference books and much more.

The Library Service also offers a Housebound Readers Service for those people who have difficulty in accessing a library due to age, disability or illnesses, as well as offering a variety of other services for the visually or hearing impaired. For further information visit the Library website or Billingshurst Library.

Renew overdue books and avoid any fines by going online or calling the Central Renewals Service on 01243 642110.

Mobile Library

Following a public consultation in 2019, the Mobile Library Service ceased.


An open book with book shelves in the background

Other Libraries in the Area

Billingshurst Library
Mill Lane RH14 9JZ
Tel: 01403 783145 Fax: 01403 786817

Opening Hours

Monday 10 – 5 pm
 Tuesday 10 – 5 pm
 Wednesday 10 – 5 pm
 Thursday 10 – 5 pm
Friday 10 – 5 pm
Saturday 10 – 2 pm
Sunday Closed

Petworth Library
High Street GU28 0AU

Tel: 01798 342274 Fax: 01798 342274

Opening Hours

Monday 1 – 5 pm
 Tuesday 1 – 5 pm
 Wednesday 1 – 5 pm
 Thursday 9 – 1 pm
Friday 9 – 1 pm
Saturday 9 – 1 pm
Sunday Closed